Surveillance 7

29-30 oct. 2013
IUT de Chartres 1, place Roger Joly 28000 Chartres - Chartres (France)

This conference is devoted to all topics related to acoustical and vibration methods development and applications for surveillance and diagnostics: 1. Machines (Mechanical components, design...) 2. Vibrations & Acoustics (Linear and non linear modelling and identification, non stationary models,...) 3. Numerical Modelling (Finite Elements Methods, models for diagnostics, model updating, cracks models,...) 4. Measurement and Testing Techniques (Sensors and instrumentation, smart sensors, data acquisition and transfer, emerging technologies, smart structures,...) 5. Signal processing, model identification (Detection, estimation, time frequency techniques, higher order statistics, cyclostationarity, source separation,...) 6. Diagnosis techniques (Structural Health monitoring, Non-Destructive Testing...) 7. Surveillance Techniques (Fuzzy, neural nets, genetic algorithms, knowledge discovery, data mining,..) 8. Predictive Maintenance, Condition Monitoring and Prognosis (Risk and reliability, statistic, probabilistic methods, Markov-chains,...) 9. Industrial Applications and Case Studies (Gears, rolling bearing, electric machines, combustion machines, turbines, wind mills,...)
Discipline scientifique : Vibrations

Lieu de la conférence
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