First international THE workshop - Mathematical Modelling of Tumour Heterogeneity in Tumoral Environments, and its Impact on Therapies

28 févr. 2017
Auditorium Jean Dausset de l'INTS, 6 rue Alexandre Cabanel, 75015 Paris - Paris (France)

In this workshop, the speakers will present methods of mathematics and bioinformatics to record, analyse and predict the evolution of tumour cell populations, with respect to both their intrinsic phenotype and/or genetic heterogeneity and to their bidirectional communications with the surrounding stromal cell populations. The potential impact on tumour heterogeneity investigation of continuous space and/or phenotype-structured mathematical models, of dynamic bioinformatic and biostatistic analyses on gene expression data, and of phylogenetic cancer studies will be the main foci of the talks. New insights from these presentations and discussions with the audience are expected to sketch the design of forthcoming innovative tracks in the biology of cancer and its therapeutics.
Discipline scientifique : Mathématiques - Sciences du Vivant - Statistiques

Lieu de la conférence
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