Earthquake Geodesy and Geodynamics: From giant to small scale events

17-20 sept. 2012
University of Strasbourg Collège Doctoral Européen - Strasbourg (France)

For the past 31 years, the WEGENER project (now a Sub-commission 3.5 of IAG commission 3) has served as a forum to coordinate, and provide linkage for, multidisciplinary projects on Earth deformation and dynamics. The research focus is on crustal deformation. This includes the seasonal distribution of surface loading, the earthquake cycle, volcanic processes (eruptions, dike intrusions, induced seismic activity), near surface motions (landslides, induced and natural superficial subsidence/collapse). Recently, major earthquakes in Sumatra (2004, Mw 9.2), Maule (2010, Mw 8.8), Haiti (2010, Mw 7.1) and Tohoku (2011, Mw 9.0) have exposed the impact of such events and the need for better understanding of Earth deformation processes. Other fields of interest include sea level changes, as well as monitoring atmospheric and ionospheric processes to further our understanding of space weather and climate. The EOST and IPG Strasbourg welcome all potential contributors to the 16th Wegener General Assembly. We particularly seek submissions that emphasize multidisciplinary studies of Earth deformation using geodetic techniques (GPS, InSAR, LiDAR, space/air/terrestrial gravity, ground-based geodetic observations), complementary tectonic and geophysical observations, and modeling approaches. We also welcome fundamental studies of natural and induced physical phenomena, strategies to develop early warning and rapid response systems, education and development programs.
Discipline scientifique : Géophysique

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