Historical Documents in the Digital Age

25-26 oct. 2012
Université de Rouen - Rouen (France)


The aim of the Workshop is to bring together those whose professional work involves the study of historical documents or who have a responsibility for increasing their accessibility, with technologists developing techniques to support the analysis and management of digital documents. The Workshop will encourage a greater understanding of how these two communities can work productively together and how crossing the traditional disciplinary boundaries can create opportunities for supporting better historical research while also increasing the awareness of the general public of their rich cultural heritage. We invite contributions from (1) Historians and others interested in sharing their experiences of document analysis with scientists developing computer-based tools to support such activities (2) Those who have a responsibility for preserving and managing historical documents and making them available both to specialists using them for research and detailed study, and the general public seeking to benefit from the rich cultural legacy which such documents embody (3) Scientists and engineers developing advanced technologies in areas such as image processing, pattern recognition and digital media engineering relevant to document analysis The Workshop will provide an opportunity for a diverse range of researchers and other professionals, including end users, to share experiences and explore ideas which cross traditional disciplinary boundaries which often present barriers to rapid progress in improving the accessibility of documents which can contribute so fundamentally to an understanding of our cultural heritage.
Discipline scientifique : Sciences de l'Homme et Société

Lieu de la conférence
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