Cluster Surface Interaction

11-13 sept. 2012
RESIDENCE BELAMBRA CITY VILLEMANZY 21 montée St Sébastien – 69001 LYON - Lyon (France)
Cluster-Surface Interactions (CSI) is the successor to the series of conferences on clusters on surfaces initiated by Karl-Heinz Meiwes-Broer in Rostock in 1996 and continuing every two years at various locations. CSI is envisaged as a somewhat smaller, focused and financially self-sufficient workshop with enhanced emphasis on size-selected clusters. The scope of the CSI workshop includes the following themes: Deposition of size-selected clusters on surfaces: dynamics, imaging, spectroscopy Physics, chemistry and biology of deposited clusters: magnetism, photonics, catalysis, energy storage, biochips Theoretical modelling at the atomic scale: from classical MD to ab initio approaches The future of cluster science: fundamental questions, technological applications
Discipline scientifique : Physique

Lieu de la conférence
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