towards ecosystem-based management of tuna fisheries

15-18 oct. 2012
Aquarium Mare Nostrum, Odysseum, Montpellier, France - Montpellier (France)

Approximately six million tons of tunas and tuna-like species are captured every year for human consumption. These fisheries are highly complex in nature with multiple target species and fishing gears (e.g. purse seine, longline, pole and line). As such there are several issues that scientists, policy makers and stakeholders are faced with: catches of juvenile target species, bycatch, impacts of FADs, overcapacity, interactions between fisheries, etc. A symposium will be convened to present the most recent findings and provide a platform to exchange ideas and investigate optimal approaches to mitigate impacts and ensure sustainability. We encourage participation from scientists, stakeholders and policy makers from all oceans. The symposium (15-19 October 2012) will have four main thematic sessions: • Ecology of target and non target species (e.g. pelagic elasmobranchs) of tuna fisheries • Mitigation techniques • Socio-economic challenges • Ecological-based management of tuna fisheries in the context of global change.
Discipline scientifique : Sciences et techniques des pêches

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