HCI, Web and Graphics Curricula Workshop

16 avr. 2012
Lyon Convention Centre - Lyon (France)
The evolution of rapidly changing and increasingly diverse and sophisticated web-based systems, provides a mass of evidence to justify revising our definitions of the core computing/informatics curriculum. Additional evidence can be derived from web scientists who are establishing a research framework that studies the theory and practice of social machines. These insights and understandings are highly valuable in advancing our understanding of how we manage, build and evolve the web and its associated human interactions. In business there is an increasing demand for well-informed and technically skilled graduates and post graduates. Yet too often students are being taught and guided through sets of fundamentals which were identified and established when computing and informatics were first emerging as a discipline. This workshop provides a forum for cross-disciplinary discussions between researchers, designers and architects of web technologies. It will be an opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences that are emerging in this important area. There is much common ground that can be established across these apparently diverse communities. This workshop provides an opportunity to collaboratively begin to address the task of coordinating curricula from HCI, Web and Graphics domains for the benefit of students, academic and business alike.
Discipline scientifique : Informatique

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