Workshop on Electroporation and Biophysical Therapies

15-16 déc. 2014
Salle Adalovelace Inria Bordeaux-SudOuest 200 rue de la Vieille Tour 33405 Talence - Talence (France)

The aim of this 2days workshop is twofold. The first goal is to present the last results in electroporation at the cell scale, from the theoretical, numerical and biological point of view, which have been obtained within the consortium MEMOVE granted by the French National Agency. The second goal is to present the preliminary results obtained towards tissue electroporation modeling and to focus on the medical applications of biophysical therapies (cryotherapy, electrochemotherapy, radiotherapy) in order to let clinicians present the main issue they face when using such therapy, and in order to raise questions, from the modeling point of view, that could be helpful for physicians. Particularly, even though the biology behind each therapy is very different, they face similar problems such as placement of the needles, dose delivery and time of the treatments. The talks will last 30 min + 15 min for opening questions
Discipline scientifique : Sciences du Vivant

Lieu de la conférence
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