11th Conference of Gas in Marine Sediments

4-7 sept. 2012
La Maison du Séminaire 29, Boulevard Franck Pilatte - Nice (France)


We are inviting you to participate to the 11th International Conference on Gas in Marine Sediments that will take place in Nice, France, from Tuesday 4th September to Thursday 6th September, 2012. An optional field-trip/excursion day will be proposed on Friday 7th September 2012. The research fields covered by the « GIMS » conferences were traditionally related to methane-rich marine environments until the last meeting in lake Baïkal where fresh water lake environments were also considered. Similarly to previous GIMS meetings, the topics we will cover are multidisciplinary and will include : • formation of shallow gas in sediments • subsurface fluid flow, geochemical and thermal gradients • formation and destabilisation of gas hydrates • diversity and functioning of gas seeps, bubble sites, pockmarks and mud volcanoes • Imaging subseafloor gas structures by seismic studies • Regional studies on gas and gas hydrate distribution and quantification • Seafloor emissions to the water column and the atmosphere • Biological, microbiological and biogeochemical processes at seep ecosystems • Methane derived authigenic carbonates • CO2-hydrate for CH4-hydrate exchange : option for carbon Storage in marine sediments. • Sediment-water column gas fluxes in the future ocean
Discipline scientifique : Sciences de la Terre

Lieu de la conférence
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