National Institutions in a Globalized World

12-13 déc. 2014
Venue: 1st day: MESHS, 2 rue des Canonniers, Lille. 2nd day: Lille 1 University, Cité Scientifique subway station, Faculty of Economics and Sociology, Building SH2, Villeneuve d’Ascq - Lille (France)

A workshop on National Institutions in a Globalized World will be held in Lille on December 12th and 13th , 2014. Recent theoretical and empirical developments in this field of research will be presented and discussed. The workshop tackles the impact of the substantial rise in the international mobility of firms and individuals, which characterizes the present dynamics of globalization, upon the fiscal, social, educational and migration policies in advanced economies, with a special focus on European countries. Because of higher mobility of both capital and individuals (particularly the most skilled and the wealthiest), globalization incites governments to modify their economic, social and educational institutions so as to attract firms and investments, to prevent the exodus of mobile tax bases, and to attract the best students in their universities. This creates tax, social and educational competition between countries in terms of institutions and rules, which in turn impact on inequality, social mobility and social cohesion, and can finally modify the longer term efficiency of institutions.
Discipline scientifique : Economies et finances

Lieu de la conférence
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