User Group Meeting NGS - RNA-seq

4 nov. 2014
IGBMC - Illkirch (France)

Since the completion of the « Human Genome Project » in 2003, commercialization of next-generation sequencing technologies has led genomic analysis to a new era, concerning both fundamental research and clinical research. Thanks to these high-throughput technologies, RNA transcription and its regulation can be studied by an increasing number of applications such as single-cell, mRNA-seq, ribozero and small RNA-seq, … For this purpose, Illumina Company will present some of the recent technological innovations. Then, a specialist of single-cell sequencing will explain how to distinguish biological variability from technical variability. Finally, some collaborators will present their work, showing how different approaches of RNA-sequencing can answer various biological questions. This workshop will give the opportunity to discuss and exchange about recent breakthrough in RNA sequencing during a poster session. Registration is free but mandatory (limited number of places). Moreover, the link « Submission » permits to submit an abstract for a poster. Registration and abstract submission closing date: October 3rd 2014.
Discipline scientifique : Bio-Informatique, Biologie Systémique

Lieu de la conférence
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