Testing the Equivalence Principle - MICROSCOPE Colloquium III

3-4 nov. 2014
ONERA Centre de Palaiseau - Palaiseau (France)


MICROSCOPE is a space mission dedicated to test the Equivalence Principle through one of its major consequence, the Universality of Free Fall, with an accuracy better than 10- 15 i.e. more than two orders of magnitude better than the present on-ground experiments. The violation of the Equivalence Principle would open the way to the demonstration of a new force, the existence of which is predicted by many quantum theories of gravity. MICROSCOPE is candidate to be launched with Sentinel 1B as a passenger, in 2016. MICROSCOPE colloquiums are organized on an annual basis to inform, promote and present the scientific developments of the MICROSCOPE mission. The first colloquium took place in September 2011 (http://gram.oca.eu/Workshop/2011_colloque_Microscope/colloquium.html). The objective was to consider the mission scientific return with respect to the other present and envisaged accurate experiments in the fields of gravitation and metrology, and in the context of the new extended theories of gravitation. The second colloquium took place in January 2013 ( (http://gram.oca.eu/Workshop/2012_colloque_Microscope-2/colloquium.html). The objective was to present the mission, the instrumentation and the experiment and to describe the expected data as well as the organisation of the scientific mission centre. The scientific community was invited to present their interest and their related know-how in the contribution to the data processing. The third colloquium will take place in ONERA Palaiseau, on 3-4 November 2014. Its main goal will be to present and discuss the ideas proposed in response to the call sent in july.
Discipline scientifique : Physique

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