New strategies for macromolecular complexes analysis

24-28 nov. 2014
IGBMC, 1 rue Laurent Fries - Strasbourg, Illkirch (France)

Protein engineering and production are essential tools for structural, biophysical and functional studies as well as for biotechnology and medical applications. Strategies to produce proteins and complexes have tremendously been improved in part thanks to recent structural genomic programs. Yet, no universal solution has been implemented and in many cases protein production remains a challenge. Know-how of the numerous systems used for protein production is often the key parameter to solve quickly and efficiently bottlenecks. Moreover, new ‘chemical biology' developments are required to tackle increasingly difficult systems that include large assemblies whose activities can be regulated upon ligand binding or by post-translational modifications. This course on “New strategies for macromolecular complexes analysis” in Strasbourg is intended primarily at Post-doctoral researchers, PhD students and researchers in structural biology. The goal is that the participants improve their theoretical background and gain experience in designing strategies for production and characterization of difficult-to-express proteins and complexes. The state-of-art methodological and technological approaches for sample preparation and characterization for structural studies will be covered.
Discipline scientifique : Sciences du Vivant

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