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Towards a new vision in intelligent instrumentation and nanotechnology

15-16 déc. 2022
University of Casablanca - Casablanca (Maroc)


Nanotechnology is developing by relying on the mastery of innovative design and elaboration processes that in turn require high-precision measurements and instruments. The progress in digitization, communication protocols, miniaturization... have led to significant changes in the instrumentation field. These technological evolutions of the make it possible to offer « intelligent instrumentation », at any time and even beyond the core of the process. This type ofinstrumentation will generate an increase in reliability, energy savings, a reduction in emissions whether through the management of machinery , instruments, steam networks, processes monitoring This "mass of data" comes from a multitude of intelligent sensors that scan their environments and transmit their data to different information systems to create an in-depth understanding of production and maintenance processes. In this regard, this conference is a forum for discussions and exchange in the fields of instrumentation, measurements and nanotechnology, with a wide spectrum of cross-disciplines such as environment, optimization, artificial intelligence, power, energy and control. The scope of this event is not limited but expandable to applied interdisciplinary fields also. This year, the institutional organizer is University Hassan 2 of Casablanca (Morocco) in which the conference will be held. Articles accepted for publication will be published as proceedings in IEEE/Explorer Selected articles will be proposed for extension and review in journal Measurement (Elsevier) for a special issue.
Discipline scientifique : Physique

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