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12-13 déc. 2022
Online - Tébessa (Algérie)


Larbi Tebessi University –Tebessa is launching a call for papers for the symposium on the question of "Geosciences at the service of sustainable development", which will be organized on December 12 and 13, 2022 at the University of Larbi Tebessi-Tebessa (Algeria) in the distance (online by Zoom or Google Meet). The primary purpose of this scientific event is to bring together the most significant number of specialists in the field of geosciences to allow exchanges and the updating of newly acquired scientific knowledge in this field. This meeting will update geological research work, particularly new methods developed in this field. It will also give an overview of the tools developed in groundwater and geological modelling. This 5th edition of the symposium will be a very fruitful space for geosciences specialists. The themes selected for this scientific event will relate to the quality, preservation, protection and sustainable management of raw materials, energy and ecosystems. The forum also addresses various land-use planning issues, particularly urban growth, sustainable development, natural and technological risks, and the contribution of geographic information systems and remote sensing in these fields. The symposium will be an international forum where researchers in geosciences will exchange their points of view and experiences. Strengthening international relations (exchanges and collaborations) between geosciences academics and the socio-economic sector is expected to lead integrated participatory management in areas devoted to studying natural resources (mineral matter and energy) and the environment. It will also allow specialists in regional planning to exchange their experiences in the organization of space for better management of the national territory and to respond to natural limitations, according to the principle of sustainability, using appropriate scientific methods and techniques. Communications will be evaluated by a scientific committee formed by high-level national and international scientists. The deadline for submitting abstracts is 15th of September, 2022.
Discipline scientifique : Planète et Univers - Sciences de la Terre - Géologie appliquée - Géochimie - Géomorphologie - Géophysique - Hydrologie - Minéralogie - Pétrographie

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