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The epi/genetic architecture of psychiatric disorders

3 oct. 2022
Auditorium of the Campus Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris (France)


Psychiatric disorders are a major challenge for science, medicine and the society. Their mechanisms are far from being fully understood and the study of their genetic component helps approaching the pathophysiology. Vast progress has been achieved over the last decades benefiting from the advances in genomics and sequencing technologies, which revealed the complexity of genetic risk factors. Some of these factors play a role in brain development and have delayed potential clinical consequences. At the same time the role of environmental factors is strongly supported and the gene x environment interactions are now scientifically investigated. One possible level of interaction is the persistence of epigenetic modifications that increase the risk to develop pathological disorders. The colloquium will gather top scientists investigating these questions from different angles. The speakers will summarize recent advances and confront their views on the contribution of genetic and epigenetic factors to the architecture of mental disorders. Much time will be available for poster presentation and discussion.
Discipline scientifique : Sciences du Vivant

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