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Nonlinear and Random Waves

3-5 oct. 2022
 - Kyoto (Japon)


Studies of nonlinear wave propagation in a random environment or, forced by a stochastic perturbation are of great importance in the engineering and physics: nonlinear optics, condensed matter physics, fluid mechanics, turbulence analysis. Since Martin Hairer's contribution in the field of stochastic PDEs, singular stochastic parabolic equations were very competitive research subjects these five years, but applications of Hairer's theory are limited for nonlinear singular dispersive equations due to the lack of smoothing properties, although the wave equations can be accessible somehow by case. On the other hand, Bourgain's almost-everywhere approach by the use of Gibbs measure has been well developed, simultaneously the study of the propagation of randomness under the Hamiltonian flow like wave, Schrödinger equations attracts now many researchers in the world. And both are closely related. The purpose of this workshop is to broaden such arguments in the random nonlinear dispersive equations from different and various aspects. Invited Speakers: S. Cerrai, A. Deya, C. Melcher, A. Nahmod, S. Roudenko, A-S. de Suzzoni, L. Thomann
Discipline scientifique : Mathématiques

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