EMOTIONS 2014: Ecological and Molecular mOdelling of infecTIONS

10-11 déc. 2014
Lyon - Lyon (France)


EMOTIONS 2014 is the first colloquium organised by the Laboratory of Excellence ECOFECT - Eco-evolutionary dynamics of infectious diseases - (http://ecofect.universite-lyon.fr/en) on "Modelling infectious diseases at different scales, from the molecular to the ecological". Its main objective is to arrive at a better understanding of the dynamics of infectious diseases by exploring the epidemiological, ecological and evolutionary dimensions of the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying infections, with a strong emphasis on the use of mathematical models and computational methods. The ambition of ECOFECT is to be able to promote innovative fight strategies by putting the pathogen in the complexity of its environment. ECOFECT gathers together some 150 researchers from different communities in Lyon: virologists, bacteriologists, immunologists, clinicians, ecologists, evolutionists, mathematicians and computer scientists.
Discipline scientifique : Bio-Informatique, Biologie Systémique

Lieu de la conférence
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