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Perspectives on temporal cognition

2 juin 2022
Espace Pouillon, Campus Saint Charles. - Marseille (France)


Recent years have seen tremendous progress in the scientific understanding of the role of temporal information in human perception and cognition. Temporal cognition covers a wide range of phenomena, from the role of rhythm in speech production and perception (e.g., Morillon et al., 2019), the processing of abstract temporal concepts (e.g., Grasso et al., 2021), to the typical and atypical subjective experience of time (e.g., Coull & Giersch, 2022). This workshop brings together researchers from a range of disciplines together to engage in discussions about the scientific study of temporal cognition in its various aspects, its role for language production and perception (e.g., reading, speaking), and for cognition more broadly.
Discipline scientifique : Neurosciences - Psychologie et comportements - Sciences cognitives - Psychologie

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