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International Workshop on Paleoseismology, Active Tectonics and Archeoseismology - 2022

25-30 sept. 2022
The venue will be in Provence, Southeastern France, close to Aix-En-Provence. - Aix-en-Provence (France)


We are happy to announce that the organization of the PATA Days in France has progressed: the conference will occur during the last week of September 2022, i.e. from 25th (Sunday) to 30th (Friday). Obviously, this is always depending on the sanitary situation. The objective of PATA days is to stimulate scientific discussions around earthquakes occurring in intraplate areas (such as France) and around the developing methodological tools used in paleoseismology. In order to illustrate this seismicity we aim at visiting open paleoseismological trenches in the Trevaresse and Le Teil areas during the planned field trips. Prices will be all-included (registration, accommodation, meals, 2 field-trips with transit by bus). We are targeting a fee of ~600-700 €, considering the price level in France and the sponsoring that was already prospected. We are seeking a site where there will be the opportunity to share the accommodation and then reduce the fee.
Discipline scientifique : Planète et Univers - Sciences de la Terre - Géomorphologie - Tectonique

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