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Achieve a reliable measurement of nanometric distances along the optical axis of a microscope

6-8 avr. 2022
Université de Paris Cité, Faculté des Sciences - Paris (France)


The NANOSCALE2022 symposium will provide an update on the current state of research, bring together a vibrant community of academics and industry and trigger future collaborations and innovations. It also aims at opening the community and inciting follow-up grant applications, potentially in new geometries. Through multiple thematic sessions, we will explore the bases, current state and applications of surface uorescence and related techniques and we will outreach to communities not yet targeted, including pharmacology/toxicology, environmental science, as well as the national and European instituts of standards.
Discipline scientifique : Physique - Instrumentations et Détecteurs - Optique - Sciences du Vivant - Imagerie

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