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International Conference on Valuation of Alternative Plants and Degraded and Marginal Lands

14-15 mars 2022
University of El-Oued - El-Oued (Algérie)
Due to climate change, lack of Natural Resources, Water Scarcity and increasing population with excessive investment, research and innovation are key to addressing the growing demand for food, ensuring water security and saving natural resources for generations. However, it is necessary to pursue alternative routes in light of the failure of basic grain crops to withstand the increasing level of salinity and water scarcity, and given the World Food organization & apos; s projections that there is a 70 per cent shortfall in food supply, with a 25 per cent decline in basic crop production due to climate change, water scarcity and soil salinization, especially in dry and semi-dry areas, there is therefore an urgent need to develop alternative crops such as quinoa, salgam, tartikil and.... To achieve sustainable agricultural productivity in areas where major crops fail or produce little in addition to marginal lands where these crops enhance both productivity and income, quinoa can play an important role in achieving food security, malnutrition and water supply because of its high nutritional value and its wide ability to adapt to salt and water stresses . Realizing this potential, with the percentage of marginal lands, 60% of which are large areas of saline, and the degraded saline lands, which amount to 78% of agricultural lands, especially developing countries, where dry and semi-arid areas prevail. In view of the limited and abundance of information on agricultural practices for saline crops and genetic materials, the first international forum was proposed to value alternative plants and degraded and marginal lands. To collect the category interested in these crops.
Discipline scientifique : Sciences de l'environnement - Sciences du Vivant

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