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Other than Human World: emerging vegetal communication in the public space

25-26 mai 2022
Le Cube, Aix-Marseille Université, 29 av Robert Schuman - Aix-en-Provence (France)


At the interface between the natural environment and human communication, the understanding and the interest of non-human worlds are emerging more and more strongly in the public space. Connected to the notions of biodiversity and ecosystem, and fully inscribed in the vision of a "one-ness" of the natural world, the emergence of the living as a whole seeps into the public arenas, in a non-linear and sometimes non-visible way. To consider our communication on the plant world thus leads us to reflect and analyze our relationship with living beings that are essential to ecosystems, and that have crucial symbolic, environmental, societal, economic, and cultural importance. Through the study of communication, different axes seem to emerge, which we suggest as a non-exhaustive list for communication proposals: • The evolution of the representations, discourses, and narratives on plants in education, media and digital social media. • The enrollment of plants in different types of organizations and their public relation strategies: political (territories and territorial administrations), associative (NGO’s strategic communication) and commercial issues (strategies of the practices known as “green”. • The question of artistic contributions and/or the question of the relationship to the body and to emotions (movies, artworks, songs, paintings). • Mutations in the relationship to the norm and self-regulation in the relationship to the living: naturalist vision, anthropocene and anthropization issues.
Discipline scientifique : Sciences de l'Homme et Société

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