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Exposome - Advances and challenges in detection approaches

8-10 nov. 2021
Amphithéâtre Buffon - Paris (France)


AVIESAN (French Alliance for Life and Health Sciences) and ALLENVI (French Alliance for Environmental Research) are programming a 2 days symposium dedicated to Exposome detection, measuring and quantifying in different environments, from the simplest (laboratory) to the most complex (environment, human body, etc.). We have distinguished several approaches to measure exposition: analytical techniques derived from chemistry (mass spectrometry, electrochemistry, etc.), biochemical detection, cellular biosensors and in vitro biosensors. In all cases, there has been spectacular progress in the last 10 years, both at the technical and conceptual level. We therefore would like to present an update on these methods that may not yet be completely connected to exposome detection. This symposium will take place in Paris, from Nov. 8th afternoon to Nov. 10th end of morning, 2021 in Amphi Buffon, 15 Rue Hélène Brion, 75013 Paris. There will be four sessions: Physicochemical detection, biochemical detection, cellular biosensors and in vitro biosensors. As the main subject of the conference aims to gather various scientific communities into the exposome field, we will also bring a wider audience by having more general conferences on Exposome and Health at the beginning of each session and Exposome and Environment at the end of each session.
Discipline scientifique : Chimie - Physique - Sciences du Vivant

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