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Mathematical challenges in modelling population dynamics

14-16 févr. 2022
Laboratoire Jacques Louis-Lions - Paris (France)


The main idea of this event is to bring together young mathematicians specialising in partial differential equations arising in the study of population dynamics, either from a purely theoretical perspective or from the point of view of any particular application. Populations consists of a large number of individuals that can self-organise, both spatially and dynamically, through a variety of complex bio-mechanical processes. Mathematical analysis and modelling play a substantial role in the understanding and description of these phenomena, their goal being to understand the analytical structure of the particular problems arising in biology, ecology, or medicine, as well as to explain their qualitative behaviour and properties. The particular issues we envision to be discussed include tumour growth (in particular building bridges between various approaches to describing the growth and movement of living tissue), pattern formation, longtime behaviour of structured populations, or inverse problems.
Discipline scientifique : Mathématiques

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