Recent advances in genetic association studies

23 sept. 2011
IRT UN Institut du Thorax INSERM UMR915 8 quai Moncousu Nantes FRANCE - Nantes (France)

Association studies examine well-characterized sites of the genome - the genetic markers - to identify potential associations between the former and a phenotype (disease status, blood pressure, response to medicine in the biomedical domain ... ; wheat flour plasticity, muscular mass in the agronomic domain ...). Societal and economic impacts are expected from advances in this active research field, at the cross of genetics and bioinformatics: scientific progress in medicine (evidence of individual genetic susceptibility to drugs, personalized medicine), societal evolution (early gene susceptibility detection for better prevention or surveillance, population aging), control of public health expenditure, nutrition improvement for entire populations. In the biomedical domain, the focus of this meeting day will be set on methods integrating evolutionary information in association studies. Recent advances will be discussed at the genome scale and strategies for genome-wide association studies (GWASs) will be described. Besides, as plant genetics nowadays opens to genome-wide investigations, some presentations will address this peculiar topic. The purpose of this scientific meeeting day consists in bringing together researchers in biology, genetics, biostatistics and bioinformatics which are interested in the design, implementation and validation of association studies and more pecularly GWAS strategies. The aim is to share knowledge and stimulate further research. During the scientific meeting day, five invited speakers will present works relative to recent advances in the domain considered. keywords: association study, statistical genetics, genetic epidemiology, agronomy, genome-wide analysis, bioinformatics
Discipline scientifique : Génétique

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