International Conference and Exhibition of Hydraulics and Pneumatics

5-7 nov. 2014
HERVEX 2014 takes place in the Hotel Resort Cozia from Caciulata-ROMANIA Position: Lat: 45º14’24″N, Lon: 24º20’28″E - Calimanesti-Caciulata (Roumanie)
International Conference and Exhibition of Hydraulics and Pneumatics – HERVEX – the most significant international scientific reunion in the field of Fluid Power in Romania. The International Conference offers a common platform for presentation and discussion of innovation trends in FLUID POWER, to manufacturers, dealers, users and scientists. Scientific lectures and novelties presented in the framework of this event, regarding equipments and integrated systems, will represented a basis for a new impulse towards development and innovation in Fluid Power, activity field which provides the high productivity means for a greater energetic efficiency of industrial and mobile equipment. The main topics of the conference are: 1. Fluid Power Systems in Industrial and Mobile Hydraulics* • New solutions for working hydraulics systems • Variable-speed drives • Energy saving, energy recovery and storage • Hybrid drive solutions • Reduction of emission, noise and vibrations • Application of innovative control concepts • Simple user interfaces and computer aided commissioning 2. Hydraulic Components* • Valves • High Speed Rotary Drives • High Pressure Hydraulics • Actuators • Filter Technology • Noise Reduction of Hydraulic Equipment • Development in hydraulic elements: pumps, valves 3. Pneumatics* • Pneumatic Drives • New Drive Concepts • Efficient System Design • Vacuum Technology • Miniature Pneumatics • Low-Emission Pneumatics • Pneumatic systems and their applications • Pneumatic components and their innovation 4. Electronics, Mechatronics and new ideas in Fluid Power* • Electronics in Fluid Power systems • Mechatronics • Application of artificial intelligence in fluid power systems • Sensors, actuators and Microsystems • Digital Hydraulics • Servo hydraulics and pneumatics • Simulation and Validation 5. Fundamentals, Advanced Materials and Tribology* • Effect of Enviromentally Friendly Fluids on Efficiency • Oil Maintenance and Mixture Problems • Plastics in Hydraulics • Lubrication and Lubricants • Green Tribology • Contact mechanics of rough surfaces (including adhesion) • Friction between rigid rough surfaces and elastomers • Method of Reduction of Dimensionality in contact mechanics and friction • Wear and surface technology • Nanotechnology, Nanomaterials and Nanoelectronics • Nano and Micro Tribology 6. Environment and Fluid Power* • Depollution of wasted water • Irrigation and drainage • Monitoring of high pollution areas • Fluid Power in production of renewable energy • High pollution monitoring and waste recycling • Wave Energy Converter • Wind Energy Plants • Energy Storage 7. Education and Training in Fluid Power* • University and professional education in Fluid Power systems branch • Industrial training in Fluid Power and Lubrication systems
Discipline scientifique : Sciences de l'ingénieur

Lieu de la conférence
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