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Ramses User Meeting 2021

27-29 sept. 2021
This year, due to Covid, the RUM will be a purely online event, using Zoom. - Via Zoom (France)


This year's Ramses User Meeting (RUM) is held on Zoom on September 27-29 and is organized by Dominique Aubert (OAS), Benoit Commercon (CRAL), Yohan Dubois (IAP), Pierre Ocvirk (OAS), and Joki Rosdahl (CRAL). RAMSES is an open source code written by Romain Teyssier to model astrophysical systems, featuring self-gravitating, magnetised, compressible, radiative fluid flow. Based on the Adaptive Mesh Refinement (AMR) technique, it has been widely used for cosmological simulations of the Universe, isolated as well as cosmological re-simulations of individual galaxies, simulations of molecular clouds, star formation, supernovae remnants, accretion disks around black holes and planets. Now held for the eighth time, the RUM aims to bring together RAMSES users of all levels to present scientific results, new technical developments and challenges. Participation is free of charge. In the left-side menu, you can register for the meeting and suggest a talk title and abstract. We will accept meeting registrations immediately, but talks only after the deadline.
Discipline scientifique : Physique - Astrophysique

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