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11-12 oct. 2021
Campus de Beaulieu - Rennes (France)


Whole genome duplication (WGD), resulting from polyploidy, is a central mechanism of biological diversification, contributing recurrently to the formation of new species and providing new opportunities of adaptation, expansion and domestication of species. The aim of the IRN POLYDIV is to extend and formalize previous interactions among scientists from 7 countries (FR, USA, UK, BE, SE, CH, CZ) and 8 internationally recognized partner teams with complementary expertise on various aspects of polyploidy, in the fields of ecology, genetics, cytogenetics, (epi)genomics, modelling and bioinformatics. Comparative approaches are performed across a broad set of appropriate models to determine how general are the particular biological responses to WGD and the ecological and adaptive consequences of polyploidy in a rapidly changing environment, for both ecological and agronomical contexts.
Discipline scientifique : Sciences du Vivant

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