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Imaging Organoids: from the bench to the microscope

27 sept.-1 oct. 2021
Campus Carreire - UMS TBM Core & UMS BIC - Bordeaux (France)


The aim of this workshop encompasses most of the workflow steps from the 3D-sample preparation (organoids, spheroids, encapsulated 3D cultures), how to mount them, and finally how to image them with various microscopy techniques. Scientists of the organoids community will share their knowledge about their organoid specialty. Practical courses will be held to learn and discuss tips and tricks about the preparations for imaging of several types of organoids, with various protocols: staining, encapsulation, paraffin or OCT embedding, transparization … Then, the participants will have access to the state-of-the-art microscopes from the BIC facility and to home-made setups. Experts in the field will teach them how live or fixed organoids can be visualized with different kinds of microscopes (from super resolution microscopies -liveSR or STED- to microscopies dedicated to thick samples (two-photon, ultramicroscope), from fast optical scanning spinning-disk to High Content Screening -HiTech and LowTech-).
Discipline scientifique : Biophysique - Optique - Biologie cellulaire - Organisation et fonctions cellulaires - Interactions cellulaires - Biologie du développement - Morphogenèse

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