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UCA Fall program on Complex Systems 2021 – « Mobility, self-organization and swimming strategies »

18-29 oct. 2021
Villa Clythia - Nice and Fréjus (France)


The Academy “Complex Systems” of Université Côte d'Azur promotes interdisciplinary research on the analysis and applications of complex systems. Involved teams and laboratories cover a vast range of disciplines, including astrophysics, biology, chemistry, computer sciences, Earth sciences, engineering, mathematics, and physics. The Academy organizes a yearly fall program on a specific topic selected for its broadness and timeliness. The purpose is to gather world-renowned experts and young researchers, with various backgrounds, in order to cross-fertilize ideas and promote novel developments in complex systems research. The program includes survey lectures and provides the opportunity to develop a collaborative project. The preliminary results obtained during the program are expected to be of sufficient significance and novelty to lead to publications. The 2021 fall program is dedicated to motile active matter, specifically on the mechanical aspects of self-propulsion, on emergent collective behaviors such as swarming, flocking and active phase separation, and on the applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence to model, optimize, and control displacement strategies of self-propelled entities, from bacteria to microrobots.
Discipline scientifique : Analyse numérique - Optimisation et contrôle - Mécanique des fluides - Machine Learning

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