Human Cyber Physical System Interaction - Control for Human Welfare

22-23 sept. 2014
Institut Henri Poincaré, 11 Rue Pierre et Marie Curie, 75005 Paris 01 44 27 62 71 - Paris (France)

In the last decades the computers and the internet revolutions have been opening an enormous set of new possibilities in control that can impact the citizen's lives by touching aspects ranging from new health treatments, new transportation means, new services, new energy management (SmartGrids) , etc. These complex systems (systems of systems, hybrid, networked,...) are now part of the so-called Cyber-Physical Systems (shuffling hardware and software) that have become one of the ICT priorities, with the humans representing a central aspect. With the increasing number of sophisticated systems, that often cooperate closely with humans or that need to be operated directly by a human operator, major current questions concern how to best consider human factors in the control loop. Typical control system designs usually rely on three main steps: modeling, decision and control designs. When a human being is a part of such a control system all the three steps become much more challenging to tackle. The human-centered design will certainly ask in most of the cases, for a high understanding and modeling of the human being, most probably with individualized data. The aim of this workshop is therefore to bring together multidisciplinary experts and users to identify the new challenges in Human-CPS-Interactions. One tutorial (T1) will be dedicated to a state of the art on the different kinds of modeling, one tutorial (T2) on how to integrate sociology and psychology aspects in CPS, and four sessions (S1) human-machine symbiosis, (S2) humans as operators of complex systems, (S3) humans as agents in multi-agent systems and (S4) the human as a part in controlled systems.

Lieu de la conférence
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