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Thematic Core Service Anthropogenic Hazards Workshop - TCS AH Research Infrastructures and Use Cases for and by the Induced Seismicity Community

16-17 juin 2021
Meeting will be held online via Cisco Webex - Online (Pologne)

The need for energy and minerals requires a variety of complex industrial processes to be performed under increasingly difficult environmental conditions. Anthropogenic Hazards, particularly induced seismicity related to the exploration and exploitation of georesources is a growing area of focus and interest in science, industry, public administration, NGO's and the public. Thematic Core Service Anthropogenic Hazards (TCS AH), within EPOS-ERIC ( provides an innovative and accessible digital environment to enable e-research into anthropogenic hazards related to the exploration and exploitation of geo-resources via the IS-EPOS platform The platform provides a comprehensive open data research infrastructure with services for data processing, analysis and visualization alongside grouped datasets, called "Episodes" and collaborative workspace features. Each episode provides time correlated industrial data (e.g. oil/gas production data, fluid injection rates, water reservoir levels) with geophysical data (e.g. induced/triggered seismicity, ground deformation) and associated geo- and metadata (e.g. bedrock geology, monitoring station positions) to facilitate episode and/or method-oriented research and studies into cause and effect. During this workshop and training session you will get to know induced seismicity community that builds TCS AH, explore TCS AH research infrastructure and learn about specific use cases. Presentations will be given by experts in the induced seismicity research.
Discipline scientifique : Géophysique

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