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IEEE GOL 2022 - International Conference on Logistics Operations Management

18-20 mai 2022
Faculté des sciences économiques et de gestionUniversité de Strasbourg61 Avenue de la Forêt Noire - 67085 Strasbourg Cedex - Strasbourg (France)


The 6th IEEE International Conference on Logistics Operations Management aims to bring together researchers and professionals interested in logistics not only from a technology standpoint but also from a social sciences perspective. This multi-disciplinary approach will examine the current state of the art focusing on new techniques and models relevant to the operations management of various logistics flows. The scope of the conference will cover, but not be limited to, several topics such as logistics systems modelling, decision support systems, information systems, legal and regulatory environments, framework and control of the global logistics chain, manufacturing organisation, transport and storage operations, performance modelling and measurement, risk analysis and planning.
Discipline scientifique : Gestion des risques - Environnement et Société - Gestion et management - Sciences de l'information et de la communication - Méthodes et statistiques - Sciences de l'ingénieur - Statistiques - Calcul - Méthodologie - Machine Learning - Théorie

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