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The 8th International Workshop of Magnetic Resonance Sounding

26-27 oct. 2021
Hybrid : on-site (campus of Strasbourg University) and remote organization - Strasbourg (France)


The Institute for Earth & Environment of the CNRS & the University of Strasbourg, will welcome around 100 participants from universities, research institutes, state geological surveys, governmental authorities as well as from industry. Organized in hydbrid form (both on-site and visio-conference), the meeting will take place over three days against the background of increasing use of the magnetic resonance method all around the world as a valuable technology for near surface investigations, particularly for those related to groundwater. Researchers and groups from Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, United States and other countries from all parts of the world are expected to discuss the global spread of activities, with research reports and documentation of achievements. Many new developments will be addressed under topics covering measurement technology, signal processing, modelling, and inversion as well as for NMR rock physics or soil sciences. A large number of case histories in different hydrogeological settings and exploration objectives will highlight again the usefulness and power of the method and the information gained.
Discipline scientifique : Géophysique - Hydrologie

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