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War and Nature: traces, interactions and reconfigurations in 19th- to 21st-century literature in English

7-8 oct. 2021
Université Paul Valéry - Montpellier 3 - Montpellier (France)


This conference will focus on the relationship between war and nature in literature in English from the 19th century onwards. The ecological footprint of modern warfare and the reverse impact of the environment on conflict as they are recorded in war writings, both fictional and nonfictional, will be analyzed through the lens of war studies, ecocriticism and new materialism. War will be envisaged not so much geopolitically as in its earthly, material dimension. Careful attention will be paid to the complex entanglements between the human and the non-human with a view to challenging the traditionally anthropocentric view of war studies, as well as the established distinctions between nature and culture, life and matter, agency and passivity. Recent research in the domain of ecocriticism and new materialism has destabilized the dichotomy between man and his environment, raising the possibility of reconfiguring the traditional categories of ethics and ontology and of extending the concept of otherness to the non-human.
Discipline scientifique : Littératures

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