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39th International Symposium on Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science (STACS 2022)

15-18 mars 2022
 - Marseille (France)


STACS is one of the leading conferences in theoretical computer science, that include typical areas like: - Algorithms and data structures: design of parallel, distributed, approximation, parametrised and randomised algorithms; analysis of algorithms and combinatorics of data structures; computational geometry, cryptography, algorithmic learning theory, algorithmic game theory - Automata and formal languages: algebraic and categorical methods, coding theory - Complexity and computability: computational and structural complexity theory, parametrised complexity, randomness in computation - Logic in computer science: finite model theory, database theory, semantics, specification verification, rewriting and deduction - Current challenges, for example: natural computing, quantum computing, mobile and net computing, computational social choice.
Discipline scientifique : Informatique - Intelligence artificielle - Géométrie algorithmique - Informatique et langage - Mathématique discrète - Algorithme et structure de données - Informatique et théorie des jeux

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