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Joint WCRP-WWRP Symposium on Data Assimilation and Reanalysis

13-18 sept. 2021
The WCRP-WWRP Symposium on Data Assimilation and Reanalysis will be held in Bonn (Germany), 12-18 September 2021 alongside the 2021 ECMWF Annual Seminar on Observations. The event is kindly organized by Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD) at ECMWF's new location in Bonn. - Bonn (Allemagne)


The overall objective of WCRP-WWRP Symposium on Data Assimilation and Reanalysis, with local organisation let by DWD is to review latest developments and address issues of common interest to data assimilation and reanalysis communities, such as Earth system and coupled approaches, ensemble techniques and covariances, process studies, handling of systematic errors, diagnostics and verification, emerging AI and Machine learning techniques, open science and collaborative platforms. The Symposium will build on the programme of the Annual Seminar focusing on an Earth system view of observations.
Discipline scientifique : Physique - Sciences de l'environnement - Planète et Univers

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