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“The Field of the ‘Photographable’”: From the Global North to the Global South and from the Global South to the Global North.

18 mai-18 oct. 2021
Alliance Ethio-Française, Piassa and French Center for Ethiopian Studies (CFEE), Kebena. - Addis Ababa - Virtual Meeting (Éthiopie)


These 2 day-activities (with a workshop, a forum, and a conference) aim to offer a plat-form to discuss how photographers and researchers make use of photography to ac-count for social realities they are not part of, which is often the case when it comes to Africa. Firstly, it will provide space to study photographs of Africa as well as the vision their photographers have of their work, and confront them to the vision of photogra-phers and researchers who work on their own sociocultural milieux. Secondly, the ob-jective is to account for the ways in which these photographs are received, whether in the locations where they were taken or in other locations (notably in the places where their photographers originate from). This gathering addresses academics, photographers and students interested in con-ducting empirical and theoretical projects in the fields of visual sociology, visual an-thropology, visual culture studies, journalism and digital media on contemporary Afri-can realities and beyond. This call covers 3 different events that you can apply for as a researcher or as a pho-tographer: - DAY 1: A practical and theorical session at the crossroad of research and pho-tography, that has been thought as a workshop where academics can be taken through a visual journey by photographers and researchers through the city of Addis-Ababa. (17th May 2021) - DAY 1: A roundtable bringing all stakeholders together during a forum at the Alliance Ethio-Française of Addis-Ababa (17th April 2021). - DAY 2 : An academic forum where researchers using visual methods will pre-sent and discuss their research during a reflexive debate with photographers — and a larger audience —on the themes of the conference (notably “Work in Im-ages and Images of Work” & “Space in images”) at the Alliance Ethio-Française (18th May 2021).
Discipline scientifique : Sciences de l'Homme et Société

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