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NHEJ in Health and Diseases

10-11 juin 2021
 - Paris – Fontenay-Aux-Roses (France)


You are cordially invited to participate in a 2-day meeting on the NHEJ pathway and its roles in development and cancer. The meeting will be held in Fontenay-aux-Roses near Paris. This congress will be the first international meeting focusing on the mechanism and functions of NHEJ. The goal is to allow new exchanges and the emergence of new concepts that will help us collectively better understand this pathway and its roles. The format of the meeting will include oral sessions consisting of anchoring talks by the invited speakers and shorter talks selected from the submitted abstracts. In addition, there will be two poster sessions held in the afternoons. All attendees are encouraged to submit abstracts. The meeting will open at 8:30am on Thursday and close at 6:30pm on Friday.
Discipline scientifique : Sciences du Vivant - Biologie animale - Biochimie, Biologie Moléculaire - Biologie cellulaire - Biologie du développement - Cancer - Génétique - Médecine humaine et pathologie - Santé publique et épidémiologie

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