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First international symposium on High-Throughput Catalyst Design

14-15 juin 2021
 - 100% Digital Event (France)


The HTCD2021 will gather the major actors of the catalysts design research field that use high-throughput technologies and equipment. This first edition follows the construction of a collaboration network constituted by the main european high-throughput robotic platforms dedicated to research in biology (genome foundries, enzyme engineering platforms, microbiology/fermentation platforms, etc.), as well as a first workshop that was organized by these laboratories in Darmstadt in November 2018. In order to greatly improve the exchange of knowledge on the use of high-throughput technologies and equipment for catalysts development between both academic and industrial researchers, the HTCD2021 will extend the scientific domain of this network to chemistry and data trea- ment. Therefore, the HTCD2021 will regroup scientists that study the automated synthe- sis, the testing and the characterization of chemo-, bio- and hybrid catalysts, as well as the methods recently developped to accelerate these steps with the use of new data treat- ments and artificial intelligence processes.
Discipline scientifique : Catalyse - Chemo-informatique - Automatique - Bio-informatique - Biotechnologie - Apprentissage - Réseau de neurones

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