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Midlatitude storm-tracks workshop

29 mai-3 juin 2022
CAES du CNRS La Vieille Perrotine 140, route des Allards 17310 Saint-Pierre-d'Oléron - Saint-Pierre-d'Oléron (France)
Storm tracks refer to the regions where mid-latitude disturbances at the spatial scales of a few thousands kilometers and time scales of a few days are most active. Storm-track processes needs to be better understood to improve weather forecasting as they play a key role in triggering high-impact weathers events (wind storms, heavy precipitation events, cold spells, heat waves). Storm tracks also play an active role in the climate. They transport heat and energy poleward and they are responsible for the existence of surface westerlies in middle latitudes. The workshop is dedicated to the understanding of storm-tracks dynamics at all time scales. Internal processes within storm tracks need to be better understood. It includes fine-scale diabatic processes (cloud microphysics, convection, turbulence, cloud radiative feedbacks). Another set of challenges concerns the influence exerted by other components of the climate system on storm tracks. This includes the ocean, land-sea contrasts and orography, the stratosphere, polar and tropical regions. Finally, the most important challenge is to anticipate the response of storm tracks to anthropogenic forcings and global warming. Understanding such an evolution is crucial to better assess the future evolution of high-impact weather events in frequency and intensity. The main originality of the workshop is to bring the weather and climate communities together to discuss the same phenomenon at very different time scales and with very different methods. This is the 3rd storm track workshop after those of Grindelwald in 2015 and Utö in 2018.
Discipline scientifique : Océan, Atmosphère

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