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Federated Learning and Privacy Preserving ML Workshop

9 mars 2021
 - Paris (France)
The Société Française de Statistiques (SFdS) and Owkin are jointly organising a research workshop on Federated Learning and Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning. This event will cover a broad spectrum of related topics: core concepts such as Federated Learning and Privacy, mathematical and computational tools (multi-party computation, encryption, optimisation), legal aspects pertaining to this theme, and applications thereof (incl. healthcare and medicine). There will be research-oriented keynotes by academic researchers as well as a discussion with a panel of industrial experts. This workshop will act as a forum for academic and industrial researchers to exchange ideas on FL/PPML, and will also help interested researchers get started into this field.
Discipline scientifique : Cryptographie et sécurité - Apprentissage - Statistiques

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