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The Miller Conference 2021

9-14 oct. 2021
IGESA (Institution de Gestion Sociale des Armées) Center, La Marana, a place close to Bastia, in Corsica Island (France) - Furiani, Corsica (France)


The 32nd Miller Conference on Radiation Chemistry will be held in La Marana, a place close to Bastia, in Corsica Island (France) from October 9 to October 14 2021. Both the basic and applied aspects of radiation chemistry belong to the scope of the 32nd Miller Conference on Radiation Chemistry: fundamental processes in radiation chemistry, electron beam-, ion beam-, photon-, laser-, plasma reactions, radiolysis of inorganic and organic systems, radiation chemistry of biological systems, biopolymers, radiation chemistry of nanoscale systems and macromolecular systems (polymerization kinetics, crosslinking, grafting, radiation stability, EB and UV curing of surface coating, etc.), biomedical materials, environmental protection, food irradiation, identification of irradiated food, packaging materials, radiation sterilization...
Discipline scientifique : Chimie

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