KID Summerschool 2014 - CNRS Thematic School

6-12 juil. 2014
Maison du Séminaire, Bd Franck Pilatte, Nice - Nice (France)

The 3rd Summer School on “Knowledge Dynamics, Industrial Evolution, Economic Development” (KID 2014) is held 6-12 of July, 2014, Maison du Séminaire, 29 Bd Franck Pilatte, Nice (France). KID 2014 is a CNRS thematic school (n° 1320152, InSHS, organized by GREDEG (University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, and CNRS). It is also an action of EurKInD, a unique research network focusing on how knowledge, innovation, and development should articulate for a better society in Europe. It brings together reputable scientists in economics and social sciences, but also in mathematics, physics, computer sciences, environment and life sciences, belonging to European as well as non-European academic institutions ( Like in previous editions, KID 2014 takes place in the beginning of July, in one of the most beautiful location of the French Riviera ( Aims and scope: There is now a large consensus among economists and social sciences that knowledge is a crucial input to industry dynamics which in turn is a key component to economic development. What is less evident among our communities is what type of knowledge is the most central in innovation processes shaping industry evolution, in view of generating advanced and sustainable development. If one wants to be realistic in that matter, it is necessary to consider that there is no unique definition of knowledge, innovation, and development, and consequently that the possible connections between these notions are far from being unique. The sources at the origins of change, i.e. individuals, firms, industries, regions, countries, are themselves intrinsically diverse, while their joint contribution obviously shapes the drivers of knowledge, the processes of innovation, and the attractors in terms of economic development. KID 2014 is aiming at presenting the latest results in the field. The Summer School will focus especially on the way the properties of knowledge are likely to have an impact on industry evolution and economic performance; it will be centered on how the emergence of shakeout / non shakeout industry evolution possibly contributes to economic growth and sustainability. The Summer School is also dedicated to derive proposals for an economic policy. Latest methodologies and protocols of research will be presented, including statistical analysis of the dynamics of firms characteristics and firms localisation, social networks analysis, dynamics of replication, simulations on modular systems, patent analysis, etc. The Summer School will underline that these methodologies and protocols of research are the outcome of close relationships between economics and other social sciences, but also with mathematics, physics, computer sciences, environment and life sciences. KID 2014 will be centered on the most prominent analyses in the field of knowledge dynamics, industrial evolution and economic development: emergence and persistence of innovation, entrepreneurship, growth of firms, corporate governance and performance, agglomeration/dispersion of industrial activities, skills dynamics, economics of science and innovation, environment as a driver of innovation.
Discipline scientifique : Sciences de l'Homme et Société

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