24 févr. 2020 - 30 sept. 2021
Milan Italy - Milan (Italie)
Intelligent monitoring systems and affective computing applications have emerged in recent years to enhance patient outcomes, and hence healthcare. Examples of these applications include intelligent monitoring of physiological changes and sedation states as well as assessment of affective states such as pain and depression. Though the intelligent monitoring of affective states has been around for the past several years, integrating contextual, personalized, uncertainty, and multimodal information recorded from vulnerable populations has been less explored. This information paired with transparency and explainability can lead to the development of reliable applications for automated monitoring, detection, and predication of affective states and health conditions in vulnerable populations. Such applications can deliver tailored and prompt interventions. AIHA workshop provides an interdisciplinary forum for the exchange of ideas on novel applications, new datasets, current challenges, and future directions. It welcomes submissions on artificial and affective intelligence methods applied to healthcare applications of vulnerable populations.
Discipline scientifique : Informatique - Mathématiques - Sciences cognitives - Sciences de l'Homme et Société - Sciences de l'ingénieur - Statistiques

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