Electrification in dusty solar system atmospheres and beyond

8-11 sept. 2014
Scotland, Pitlochry - Pitlochry, Scotland (Royaume-Uni)


A large body of expertise on charge and discharge processes has been built up in the solar system and in the meteorological communities. With the increasing sensitivity of astronomical observations, charge processes in cloudy atmospheres become of increasing interest also for the astronomical community in particular with respect to characterising extrasolar planets. This brings the unprecedented opportunity to test, apply, and expand the understanding of charge and discharge processes on Earth for which observations appear comparably easy to access. The steady increase of the sample of known extrasolar planets broadens our knowledge and at the same time, reveals our lack of understanding. This situation is a unique opportunity to join forces with the solar system and the meteorological communities to ask and answer fundamental questions about atmospheric physics, here, about the electrostatic state of the atmosphere which is studied in radio frequencies in astronomy.
Discipline scientifique : Astrophysique

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