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#DN25. Global Dispositives. From #DigitalRevolution to the #NewSilkRoad. Infrastructures and Discursive Imaginaries of Geopolitical Realities

12-15 nov. 2020
Tyumen University, Russian Federation - Tyumen (Russie)


Join us at 25th DiscourseNet international conference on Global Dispositives! #DN25 invites you to discuss Global Dispositives – all those processes and entities which redefine our contemporary societies: digital, cultural, political, economic, infrastructural and environmental entanglements on a global level. The topics of #DN25 include (but are not restricted to) processes and entities such as digital transformation and data cultures, the New Silk road, the rise of the Arctic region, global media changes, global value chain, cultures and policies on issues such as migration, inequality and development. Our point of departure are studies and practices of discourse. For this reason, we invite scholars from various related disciplines (media and communication studies, sociology, linguistics, anthropology, cultural and political studies, economy and law), but also activists, artists, journalists, policy makers and policy analysts dealing with the same topics. Our common goal is to conceptualise and make sense of the global processes whose passive witnesses we do not accept to be. This conference will be carried out in cooperation with International DiscourseNet Association of discourse researchers, Swiss University of Lugano and Beijing School of Government and Public Affairs. Our and our partners' special interests at this year's conference are connected to Digital Dispositives, Belt and Road Initiative, Cultural Developments Outside of Global Centres.
Discipline scientifique : Sciences de l'Homme et Société

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