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International Symposium on Materials Chemistry

16-20 mai 2021
University M'hamed Bougara Boumerdes - University M'hamed Bougara Boumerdes (Algérie)

2rd International Symposium on Materials Chemistry, will take place in Boumerdes, Algeria, on 16–20 May 2020. ​ The Second Symposium on Materials Chemistry (ISyMC2021) aims to bring international and national researchers to high-level exchange on emerging solutions and technologies in the fields of materials science. This international symposium organized Chemistry department at University M'hamed Bougara Boumerdes, aims to encourage exchange between participants on the most recent advances in chemical engineering, chemistry materials science, and energetic materials, etc. The symposium will cover different topics linked to materials synthesis and characterization, interfacial phenomena, systems and materials optimization and modeling. Leading scientists and researchers will share their recent progress and stimulate discussions on multidisciplinary research activities.
Discipline scientifique : Chimie - Sciences de l'environnement - Sciences de l'ingénieur

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